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31 Days of Halloween...Thank you Martha S. ..and Thank you Liz W.

Hi and welcome to my blog today. Yes I took the weekend off....but not really I had many pressing things happening. We are about to paint the outside of the house..well the men folk meaning my son hahahaha is. This is a big old house to paint when you are putting in 13 to 15 hour days out in the oil field also.
My Dad is having leg surgery soon and he is on a very heavy blood thinner because he has a clot next to his heart that has not dissolved. ..and there was another rattle snake right in the walk way when he got home from church...he might have lived 4 minutes my Dad if bitten..
so we have been talking about senior homes for him and the Fox(my son) and I moving more to a artsy town what ever.
with all this and more going on my fybomyalgia ..I had to step back.

Take a deep breath and load the shot gun again ... unless those snakes were mates and they could have been we have more near by.
ok so what is new in my art word
actually some awesome things...
so most of you know …

Day 20 and 21 of the 31 Days of Halloween with friends from Altered Tattered and Timeworn and Vicki's Journal

Good Day to all of you. Day 21 is here...
I wanted to share with you some ACT'S from a fabulous group of friends at Altered Tattered and Timeworn @ yahoo groups.
Recently they had a ACT "WICKED'' swap and I wanted to share mine with you.
you make 6 act's
spelling the word Wicked. So when you get yours you have a set and a act from each of your friends.
This is from Sandy A. our host. Sandy is such a fun loving person and a fabulous artist.

This is Sandy's Blog and you will so enjoy your visit there!
This is from Valerie Pittier
This is my sweet friend's ACT..Vickie aka is her blog

This is from Kathy R.
cute yes?
This is from Kamy S.
(I want this stamp)

 This is from Kathleen S.

Thank you ladies I loved my swap.
I had posted this and set the timer thing and did something very wrong because it did not now to remember how to do that timer thing.
Thank you Sandy A. you are always suc…

31 Days of Halloween Journals and Desert Island Crafters Oddball art By Lizzy Love

I have just loved experimenting with junk journals and I thank Shell and Vicki for being my lab rats :). 
Some one asked me why they call the (sections) secretaries. I have been looking at that..and no one has answered my question on that either. So I went to many sources The one factor I kept being linked to was documents Government documents.When rules or laws were written..entire sections were written maybe on one particular law..and thus called a secretary.Just google it and dive in.
Well I had some excitement here last night..maybe the hobgoblins were mad I got internet again hahahaha so I am stepping outside to have my evening coffee and smoke and greeted with a rattlesnake.
The only good rattle snake is a dead one in my book of shadows so here is a good one :)
Yeah...may those little hob-goblins enjoy the laugh back at them :)


I have a lot more to add to the pages I am showing you I always do go back and add a little more..stamped or lace or something...but here ar…

Day 14 through 18 of the 31 Days of Halloween Vicki Ross's Halloween Journal

Hi everyone..It is so nice to be back!
Ok so I am so behind in posting...How to get it all done...well let's get started.
I met Vicki Ross in the Google Plus community. I felt so privileged to get to know this fabulous lady.
I will be posting a link to her video channel on you tube so you can get to know her also. You will so love her. Not only is she a fun loving person..she takes the time to remind everyone how human we all are and how important it is to need and have one another. Then she simply just blows you away with her art.
She is fabulous and so talented!
Recently she had major surgery and I will also put a link to her facebook group regarding this event..she is reaching out to help others  who might be having a hard time with their health as well.


I have not finished the front..infact i am fishing around trying to decide what I want to do.


I was showing you the inside cover when we lost internet.
This is the page beside it.
I love this thick paper from Can…