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ColourArte Design Team Call

Good morning and I hope your Month of March was not total madness.Welcome to my blog.
Teri Sproul  with ColourArte sent me .
I made a small canvas today. I have a friend with a birthday and shipping to Europe is expensive so I kept it small.
This is a 5x7 canvas. I used gesso and then a stencil and paste. Once it was dry the coloring began.

There are many colors I began layering with.
LuminArte "Passion"
                  "Irish Mist"
                   "Deep Coral"
                    "Moss Agate"
                    "Snap Dragon"
                    "Majestic Blue"
                    "True Blue"

I added more beautiful sparkling H20 water colors ...The Sparkling h20's were perfect for this project.
Mustard green,Copper penny,Cranberry,Blue flame,Irish Mist,CranberryTeal Zircon,Fern and Sweet thistle.
 Each layer I would let dry and go over lightly with gold dust and…

Colourarte Design Team Call

Welcome to my blog today. I am making a piece for the Design Team Entry at ColourArte.Terri Sproul sent me....:)

I have been a devoted patron to ColourArte for at least nine years now, which , I know to many may not seem so long..and I have many of their wonderful products but never, never enough. No never.
I used a Canvas Corp Brands "Junque Book".
 I wanted to make a colorful front for this little book. I love stencil Girl products also and I chose a simple stencil from them for this project.

 I covered the front with gesso and then a soft layer of LuminArte "Sweet Thistle."

I used a Stencil Girl stencil again and #682 Duo-Green Yellow by Jacquard oroducts for this.

I love the colors that are beginning to form.
This is another stencil from stencil Girl but so perfect  for this project.
I used #661 Antique Copper from Jacquard Products and Ranger Multi Medium Matte to fill in the stencil.
So I want to show you  a beautifu…

Canvas Corp 2x2 Canvas a touch of the Sea

Happy Sunday. Spring is here in West Texas and my Wisteria survived the last touch of winter. I smiled.
Today I am sharing a 2x2 Canvas from Canvas Corp Brands.
I mixed the supplies on this one a bit.

 I covered in gesso white from Ranger Dina Wakley. Then I let it dry. I wanted to try my LuminArte' Majestic Blue and mixed that with a bit of Tattered Angels "Glimmer Mist" #50450 Key Lime Pie.

I added a flower I had previously dyed in tattered angels Glimmer mist on another project...and when I saw the beautiful colors I reached for my sea shells. I would leave for the beach today if I lived in Florida again lol...
I added a string from a canvas and a stamped word for the  positive.
 This is a very easy project and a good crafty fun project for children.
Happy Sunday.
Susan S

March..the feel of Spring and Canvas Corp Brands new Paper "Mermaids"

I for one am so ready for winter to retreat into it's cave and rest for a while! I am thinking Spring! One thing I am known to love is mermaids.Maybe it is because my Mother shared a passionate love and admiration for the ocean with me  when I was a young girl.Then, later in life living the experience in Florida for a few years I would say changed me for ever.
Canvas Corp Brands released a new line of papers.They are called Mixed Media Origins Printed Mixed media papers

I am starting with the mermaid. I colored her with Prisma Pencils.
and I painted with a brush beautiful Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist #02312 Pantina on the out side crackled looking paper background.The Glimmer Mist are also from the incredible store Canvas Corp Brands.
The 12 x 12 Canvas comes from Canvas Corp Brands also.
I covered it in gesso first

 I love this thick rich canvas. It is a mixed media artist dream!
I began to spray the glimmer mist by Tattered Angels .

This color is #21366 Golden Orange 

 #50450 kEY lIME pI…