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Delicious Doodles New Challenge "Take out your Teeth"

Time for a new challenge with Delicious Doodles.
 The Theme for November is "Take out your teeth" for my piece I have chosen Malevolent Mermaid. 
You can find this piece in the Delicious Doodles store at this link
Have fun and I am looking forward to your art.
Susan S

HAPPY HALLOWEEN DAY 31 with Smeared Ink's 31 Days of HALLOWEEN and Aurora Wings

Santa Muerte.Day of The Dead. Catrina Skull. Dark Fantasy Line Art by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff
Thank you for stopping in..all your kind words. I hope you joined my blog if not PLEASE DO..
This will be entered  in Aurora  Wings Day of the dead Challenge on facebook
stay safe
Susan S

Day 30 of Smeared Inks 31 Days of Halloween Dilly Beans and Smeared ink

Hi and welcome.1 more day people isn't that something?
I made a cute Dilly Beans today for the kids next door. I will run to the store tomorrow and grab some treats.
I also was working on a note book cover but I did not get finished.I have learned to quit controlling diabetes with diet rest is also important there..I came to close to death last year so off to bed I go.
Have a wonderful day 30
This is the inside

This is the image I am to tired to finish tonight..2 birthdays in one week is a lot!
She has always been one of my favorite images from Smeared Ink...
Goodnight folks

Day 29 of Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween and Happy Birthday Fox

Happy Birthday Stephen (Fox) yes a good day indeed.
This image I am sharing today is from Ching Chow Kuik and I got it from the Sweet Pea store which will be closing soon sadly.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Day 28 of Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween Sugar Skull by Dilly Beans

Hi are you all holding up?
This is a fast post..
It is sugar skull time
the first picture I was having trouble with the sequins so I turned off the lights. cool effect anyway so much for being to tired right?
hugs everyone.
Thank you all for the kind words and Birthday wishes for my guys.

Day 27 with Smeared Inks 31 Days of Halloween

Welcome to day 27...We are almost to the end of our hop.I have to praise all the artisans I have shared the past 26 days with. The art has been so fun and beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.
First my men folk enjoyed their day. My Dad found it tearful at times it was his first Birthday without my mom in 57 years..but i just kept my eye on him and would not let him sink into it.
My Dad said she is taking our picture come sit on my knee..we all busted out laughing. my dad is about 5'8'' son is about 6'3''or more  and 280 lol lol damn that was funny.
My piece tonight is another from the Death red rubber stamps

 Happy Day 27 everyone

Day 26 of the 31 Day's of Halloween Blog Hop with Smeared Ink

Today is my Dad's Birthday. He is 82. Hard to believe. we celebrated at lunch today his Birthday and my sons the Fox will be 32 on the 29th. That's hard to believe also. I look younger than both of them hahahahaha.
I used a smeared Ink image today I still have a few sets of my red rubber that I have not touched upon during this hop but this one had to be shared.
The Deaths were some of the first images I worked with when I joined Smeared Ink so here is one I made today.
Welcome to the final week.
Susan S

Day 25 with Smeared Ink's the 31 Day's of Halloween with Oddball Arts

Hi everyone. How ready are you for Halloween? What are your plans?
I am resting in lol. I hate this cold and I have a class I am teaching on the 5th of November..and I am working hard for a large Christmas show..yes I am resting.
exciting right?
I think I am on a zombie craze right now.My son and I have even talked about the zombie craze and he has just blown my mind with some of the major extremes in that craze so now I am interested hahahahaha
This cutie is from Oddball art. I really love her images.I love to add them in my journal books at night while I watch Tv or listen to music. I hope your day is wonderful.
 added to

Day 24 of Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween with Teri Sherman's Delicious Doodles

Welcome to my blog :)
yes we have made it to day 24.Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back....  ....  ...ok here we go moving through the count down to HALLOWEEN.

This image is from Teri Sherman owner of Delicious Doodles and this is the link to the image I have made for you today

4 Ever Beautiful
Anailable at any 5 and dime 

Day 23 of Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween

Welcome to day 23 of Smeared Ink's ..."31 Day's of Halloween.."
How are you guys hanging in there?
 I have thought many different thoughts in this like why do I not have this discipline any more ? Posting daily and making daily used to be my man have I slipped.
well I have made a Dilly Bean image for you today.
 Teeghan's Spider is the name of it.
I caught a cold from someone at the show and I am heading to guaranties I will get up before noon lol.
Have a awesome day today

Day 22 of Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween Nevermore

Welcome to Day 22 of Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween.
This is from Smeared Ink's red rubber set Edgar Allen Poe set.
The windows are from Stampers Anonymous.
We are having a bad storm so this post is short in hopes I get it posted.just in case we lose internet.
If we do...I will see you when we get it back.
Happy Day 22
Susan S

Day 21 with the 31 Days of Smeared Ink and Create and Inspire challenge

Welcome to Day 21
Ten more Days until Halloween!
Create and Inspire has a new challenge our sponsor is BugaBoo..I made two images one goes to a friend.
 The file name is JJC October. 
and I seem to have a thing for Frankenstein this year..wonder whats up with that?
Frankie goes to a friends granddaughter...she adores Frankie
I had a hard time chosing I have many BugaBoo stamps lol
Well have fun  today
Susan S

Day 20 Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween and Ike's World Art

Welcome.....Day 20 woooooow we are getting there.
I want to show you this awesome image from Ikes World Art today.
and you can find it as a freebie on her face book page
Go join her face book page and grab the freebie I love this image. Here is my make on it
Then come play with us at
Looking forward to seeing your art..
Off to relax with my canvas tonight
Have a wonderful day

Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween and Smeared Ink's Winged Things

It is late and I am I guess I will be making comments for today early in the morning lol..

I wanted to share a red rubber stamp from Smeared Ink with you. The set is called Winged Things the images are by  Alexandria Serrano.
Have a awesome day 19
Hugs Susan S

Day 18 with Smeared Inks 31 Days of Halloween

Grumpy time.....Happy Day 18
FrankenGrump sending a welcome for the day' I'll find you...'
My show went awesome. I was shocked. a couple of awesome orders one for a room size canvas with fibers and textures  squeel!
we had many people ask about the sign ups but before I left I really was to busy to find out how that went from the owner.I will this week I hope.
Have a wonderful day. 

Day 17 with Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween

Hi there everyone. you will probably be reading this while I am at my show tomorrow. It starts to early in my opinion.
This show is to sell my canvas art which I did nothing to the darn thing from yesterday. I just ran out of time,
I have made a lot of canvas this year.
 This show is also for the youth coloring with pencils making tags cards and act's. ..swapping with each other .
I have brought many of my latest cards to share with them and to get sign ups. This building will be where I am a whole lot  with hopes of changing many negatives in peoples lives.
This is such a bad picture of me I have been working all day and no make up  but this is me getting  set inspire them :)

Andrea and her husband have done the most fabulous thing for people in this town by setting this up. They are truly beautiful beautiful people.
My piece tonight is from a Smeared Ink red rubber stamp set I just love designed by our Leigh the Domino Queen herself :)
zentagles  :)

Well everyone I am off to bed..…

Day 16 with Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween

It's going to be fun to finish this one . I messed up but must let it dry over night so I will post the finished one tomorrow along with my smeared Ink project. 
well I am still working hard packing and inventorying . I set up tomorrow night at 7 and this is just a small show. Getting me moving again after My Mothers care and death has been like pushing a elephant through a straw. I am moving though lol.
Here she is another Freda but unfinished the black needs to dry over night or I will not get this mess fixed before tomorrow.
Hugs everyone.

Day 15 of Smeared Inks 31 days of Halloween and Carmen's Veranda/Lost Coast Stampers

Hi and welcome to day 15..are we there yet?
I saw this used on the Lost Coast stampers blog  and I fell in love with it...what can I say so I am entering it in their challenge .

There has been so many wonderful images and stamps in this hop. Hope you like him
Happy Day 15
Susan S

Day 14 with Smeared Ink and the 31 Days of Halloween

This is a short post tonight. I have a physical show Saturday and I have just wore my self out.
this is from the same set as I shared with you last night ... and this is another stamp from the same set. Have a good hump day.

Day 13 of Smeared Ink"s 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop with Smeared Ink's Red Rubber set Llorona

Welcome to Day 13 with Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween.
This is from the red rubber set Llorona . That is the name on the packaging photo page I hope I am not wrong.
I really enjoyed this piece today. made me think lol. I hope you like her also.
Happy number 13
 Have a wonderful day!