Time for a Smeared Ink Reunion!

Welcome! Happy Smeared Ink Reunion Day!
 "Good Evening" .
 I was a young girl and it was always bed time when I heard his voice..I slipped out of bed for water,many glasses of water to watch Alfred Hitchcock ..some where in it, my Mother gave up and as long as I was quiet I could watch him  with her.
3.5 x 5.5 inches there are five secretaries..(sections). I could not resist using a image from my son's store...Fox paw Printing on Etsy.
I love his tag collection set this one was used from.
After all Retro was big in the black and white world of T.V.
The Alfred Hitchcock stamp is from Lost Coast Stamps.
The sentiment Smeared Ink.
The feather is from my Rooster Pepper.
Thanks for stopping in.

Leigh SB Designs
Black Dragon
Dream In Darkness

New Ephemera for Junk Journals

Good evening everyone. 
I cannot believe it will soon be the 4th of! time flies.
As many of you know I have been so taken by vintage junk journals...actually journals of any kind.I just love them. They allow me to just enjoy the simplicity of inking and stamping...collage and creating.
I feel at peace when I get my hands on a coffee stained piece of paper for some reason.
I discovered my stamps were sitting there as I colored digis..which I love to do also..and soon I am going to really enjoy merging the two.
Right now I am so loving my stamps again.
So here is the kit I placed in my Etsy store,  this evening. 
I have selected 10 stamps I am making myself some ephemera and stashing for my future journals.I took one of each stamp and added to my store.
"Discover" a little granny on a steampunk this stamp from Viva Las Vegas stamps "giggle"
This stamp  is from Alpha stamps.


Vintage Journal Finished "Inspired"

Welcome to my blog.
I have loved the beautiful days of summer so far.I have to say I did not enjoy the heat wave and I hope it stays away.
I am feeling better and getting my son back in health.Time...everything takes time.I have also enjoyed watching him get back into his art. Happy giggles again and excitement over his designs.What else have I been doing???
 I have been studying many many videos on "Junk Journals" each artist is so talented and inspiring to me.
I love Tsunami Rose Designs and I used some in this journal. 
I named it "Inspired". 
I love the name because that is what I feel trying to make one of the journals.
I will share a few pictures with you. I welcome your thoughts and comments.
This is made from a small brown envelope you use for packages a bit bigger than your standard envelopes This is roughly 3.5 wide and 5.5 inches long.
 There are 180 pages counting both sides and 36 extras and 19 tags.
The cover was from my stash when I was in Creative Souls with …

I am proud to introduce a new Designer in our Art Community

Good Morning everyone.
I am so proud to introduce my son "Fox" or Stephen as many call him by both to our Etsy and Face Book community.

Fox paw printing ...on HERE.
The designs are beautiful and I am sharing one of his papers printed and decorated out of his pack "Distressed Walls" I have also used a beautiful ephemera image from Tsunami Rose.

This is the monotone selection just going up today in his store.
Have fun with his beautiful designs, I am..and please share you art with us.
Thanks for stopping in.
Susan S

A Not so Perfect Christmas Junk Journal

Happy Saturday everyone..a quick video to share with you.
Learning Junk Journals as I find time. Loving the experience.
Have a beautiful day.
Susan S

Square One..for me is composition.

Hi there so glad you stopped in a minute.
Lately several of my friends and I have been remembering our beginning steps in this stamping art mixed media journey.
I began thinking about that journey. How it went from simple stamping to many other things.
After a show last year I also realized how many people had never stamped or even knew it existed..but wanted to learn.
I have a upcoming once a year November show coming and so I decided to make a learning space for them to come and look at.

I began stamping with Tim Holtz distress Ink and Ranger Archival Inks. My first steps were realizing I had a fascination for the backgrounds and colors ..using Distress ink I made thousands..but things came to life with the stamping..but the key I think is composition.

so...using many many stamps can to me create composition just as you write with a theme in mind..a composition or poem..I believe you can stamp with a theme in mind.
I also think many people became confused for a while with the one word on t…

Happy Monday April 10 2017 A new Junk Journal

I am still experimenting with Junk Journals.I do not have the confidence to swap yet, I have not conquered the binding and a few other things yet.
First I coffee stained everything and I add a scent to my pages like lavender or roses etc.
On this journal I did try to use the gold liner pen on the edges of the pages and found that also would take extreme patience and a very straight edger and it needs to be done long before the pages are added together.
In this journal I used quite a few of my stamps,however some I have purchased at garage sales and they are wood with simply "top" and "bottom" written on them.
I will try not to miss anything in case you want to add it to your craft supplies.
However when my Mother was ill many things were printed on my older computer and I do not have files on them any more so I will say unknown..however if you know please leave a comment and let me know from whence they came :)

The cover is Tim Holtz paper ,Tsunami Rose image, Canvas Cor…